Water Under the G

I took the G train to 373K today. Down on the tracks, running between the rails as it has done for at least a year, possibly forever, is a little river of water. It is surreal. I have spoken to the token clerk about this and he had no idea when the rupture/leak/water main break — or whatever is causing this ongoing stream — is going to be repaired. Think of the scene in the Japanese movie Sprited Away, when the train tracks are underwater…that is what it reminds me of.

Water on Tracks (scene from "Spirited Away")

Water on Tracks (scene from "Spirited Away")


I was at a school last week and a teacher is using iPads in her alternate assessment classroom. It is very exciting. So far we are only using free apps…can any one out there recommend a non-free app?

i-pad usere

iPad User

Child’s Illness

I was at a school last week and I was informed that a person at the school — who I had met only the week before — was going to be gone for several weeks. Why?  His 11-year-old has brain cancer.
When I heard this tears came to my eyes.
If you have children then you that when children are sick you love them even more, because they need you more. I don’t even know this kid but my heart is breaking. I wish him a full and complete recovery.

December 2010