loathsome When you hate something, it is loathsome to you. You loathe it. Loathers gonna loathe loathe loathe.


I went to the School Tech Summit yesterday. The keynote speaker is in charge of all the Maker Faires (part steampunk, part circus, part garage workshop) that have been cropping up all over the world. Anyway, he spent the entire hour talking about makerspaces, and making, and make this make that. Etc.

So I thought of other places, that will now be called spaces:

  • tinkerspace
  • thinkerspace
  • learnerspace
  • creatorspace
  • inventorspace
  • gadgetspace
  • widgetspace
  • hackerspace
  • coderspace
  • gamerspace
  • playerspace
  • planterspace
  • craftyspace
  • handyspace
  • doerspace (“doo-er”)
  • diyerspace (“dee-eye-wire”)
  • bakerspace
  • make-and-takerspace
  • give-and-takerspace




toothsomeTotally Tasty!


winsomeYou winsome you lose some? Maybe, if you had a pleasant, attractive smile. Winsome means appealing or attractive.

UPDATE: Coworker says my smile is not winsome, is too toothy to be winsome. Is this winsomer? winsome2


noisomeNothing to do with noise. The word “noisome” has the same root as “annoy” and refers to an annoying smell.

Handsome Words

handsomeThere are a number of words in English that end in “some.” A common example is “handsome,” which means “good-looking” or “of good quality,” and nowadays has nothing to do with hands.

So starting today, I will add a “some” word to the blog, with the goal of broadening, dear reader, your vocabulary, by a handsome amount.

Here’s looking at you, camera

The problem with the Mac’s camera is that it only faces the person in front of the computer. This is unlike iPad/iPhone, which has lenses facing both ways. So I thought why not 3D print a widget with two mirrors attached, that sits atop the computer? The part would work like a periscope. This way, teachers could record students without students being distracted by seeing themselves on the computer monitor.

Here is a sketchup version of the design sketch

Positive Power

I bought 720 reward stickers for $14.99, which was a lot of money for me at the time. StickersI probably used 35 of them in total. Now, 11 years later, the glue is all dried up and there is a bad smell.

Baby vs Bath water

I recently brought up a box from the storage room and found old curriculum books, including a number of “Teacher-Created Materials, Inc” technology books. This one is entitled “Writing and Desktop Publishing on the Computer” (TCM#924). It was written by Terry Rosengart (who I actually knew from the DOE).


I think that every computer lab teacher had dozens of different titles, all of which tended to be quite wordy. Inside

I probably never even used mine in a classroom.

Neighborhood with 3D Prints

Yuka Dawson of 256Q sent in these photos of a neighborhood her class made, complete with 3D-printed buildings and landmarks.

IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4240

What I notice:

  • different colored filament
  • models are to scale (maybe)
  • famous landmarks (statue of liberty, leaning tower of Pisa?, Grand Army Plaza?)


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