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Zzzapped Out

Before augmented reality. Before virtual reality. Back in the day when software came on CD-ROMs in binders, the Edmark company released several science titles. Unlike their software marketed to younger children (e.g., with cartoons and talking animals), these titles were sophisticated simulations. I discovered a classroom set of “virtual labs: electricity” (note the ‘laid-back’ lower case title on the cover of the binder).

The program needed 16 MB of RAM to run and Netscape 3.0. ~ sigh ~ The salad days of the Internet.

Say What?

I spied these three signs outside the door of a class of hearing-impaired/deaf students. Brilliant graphic design.

Animation Studio with Unlikely Name

I joined a class on a field trip to 100 Chickens animation studio in Brooklyn, NY. We met with several different members of the studio, including founder Jennifer Oxley, a music engineer, a writer, an animator, and a managing supervisor. Several students had the opportunity to record inside their slick sound booth, reading a script for characters of an upcoming TV show. An animator showed us how to draw Emily Elizabeth from Clifford the Big Red Dog, which the studio is creating as a new animated show for Scholastic. The studio won Emmy awards for their PBS television show Peg and Cat.


All in all? It was so cool! Best field trip ever!

Makerbot Views

I attended a 3D Printing workshop at the Makerbot HQ at the Metrotech center in downtown Brooklyn. Here are some views from the 21st floor.

The last view is of cereal boxes in the staff room. Cocoa Pebbles!

July 2018