Two random sightings in one day.

#1 Stuyvesant High School cafeteria

This sounded bad.


#2 Woodhull Street, Brooklyn

The one on the street sounded real nice.

Yeah, I walked it.

My choice for this year’s NYCDOE STEM Institute was on water engineering in NYC. We talked aquaducts, reservoirs, pipes, etc. The highlight was a trip to the Highbridge aquaduct that connects 173rd Street in Manhattan over the East River to the Bronx. The birdge scared the tar out of me when I drove underneath on the Harlem River drive.

Word Coding

In this activity, students use N(orth), S(outh), E(ast) and W(est) arrows to spell words off a letter grid.

For example, “JUMP” is E, E, E, S.


In this example, “ABOVE” is S, S, E, S, E


After doing several examples, give students a code (e.g., S, S, E, S, E) and let them figure out what word it spells!

Remember to specify the starting box (which is typically the upper left-most cell — like in a spreadsheet)

And all the rest of these ~some words

tiresome – me, now

meddlesome- those kids from Scooby doo

lissome – see lithesome

fearsome – scary, as in, “my, what fearsome teeth you have, granny.”

adventuresome – Jake and Finn, duh.

mettlesome – full of mettle (as in “good spirits”)

blithesome – breezy indifference

awesome – that which induces awe, such as a 30′ wave and me on the longboard

bunglesome – (this is a good one) always messing up

lithesome – see lissome

lightsome – the daring young man on the flying trapeze

wearisome – writing this list

darksome – the love-child of tall+dark+handsome


Full of beans.

August 2018