Practicing Block Coding

Sometimes a student needs to practice coding with blocks. This Notebook software lesson on the smart board helped this student prepare for the real thing on

And Away We Go(de)

And away they code! It should come as no surprise that when student will complete a level, he may pump his fist in victory!

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Soap Box Derby

We took a break from coding and did engineering instead. The students assembled miniature soap box derby race cars. They used paperclips for screwdrivers on the chassis, and magic markers and tissues for body paint. The students jumped to it from the starting gun, and problem-solved their way to the checkered flag!


Quelle Surprise

It always does with Microsoft, doesn’t it? Student Work

Students explored, and came up with some beautiful art.


Stockholm Syndrome

“Every Descent Leads to a Greater Ascent.”

Wise words, no?

After being forced by the DOE spending two weeks at 36K, teaching approximately 20 classes computer programming, I developed positive feelings towards the situation. Where would the computer programming lead to? Which program works best with which classes? Is better than scratch? What about pencilcode, or the Foos? What about doing 3D design with tinkercad, and also photoshop? There was so much potential, and I needed to know what does a whole year of teaching coding actually look like.

It is not enough to just talk the talk – one must also “walk the walk.”  So, I have been going back to 36K to teach four classes (3 standard, 1 alternate) once a week, working with the teacher who took over the computer lab after the DOE Covid deployment ended. It is the best of both worlds: I can teach four classes coding/design (modeling all the while, what a n effective lesson looks like), then debrief with the other teacher who is in the lab with me, and lastly, plan her programming lessons for the classes she will teach the four days of the week.

So far I have been introducing the students to robotics and, and creating a 3d printing curriculum with the older students using tinkercad.

Stay tuned….

And It’s ‘’ by a Nose

Recently tried to empty too many files at once. It was very exciting to see which “horse” would win.

November 2021