Adding Text to Adobe Photoshop

Some students are learning graphic design with an older, legacy version of Adobe Photoshop. In this photo, a student practices adding text to an image. He explored the different layer styles too.

Kodable in the House

One class has been engaged in learning using the Kodable program (the free version). So far so good. The students are learning sequencing, debugging, use of conditionals, and looping.

Although we are using the free version, the students have not reached the pay-wall (well, some did, but there are plenty of free lessons in multiple “worlds” that they have not finished with all they can do).

SketchUp Takes Over?

My intention is to introduce a class to architecture. To that end, I took a second look at SketchUp, the one-time Google-owned modeling program, that now is owned by Trimble. It has been years since I played with SketchUp, at least ever since TinkerCad came around. But still, there may be some architecture-specific things with SketchUp, so maybe I will let the kids have a poke.

The online version is free, with a Google or Microsoft account. Standard right? Well, look at what SketchUp wants with my Google Drive access:

Scary right? So I clicked the little “i” in a circle to get more information…which scared me even more:

Am I overreacting? Is this standard Google permission?

March 2022