Candy, all by Itself

And no one was around. But did I take any? No, sir, I did not. I am proud of myself.

I know, the Oreos are not candy.

Next Level Maker

This student made three next-level wands, using the advanced bubble wand template. I cannot see which one is the middle white one.


Moon and Star Wand

A teacher made it, but still SO beautiful! (Did not make great bubbles btw)

Kitty Cat Bubble Wand

So cute!

Doorway and Dumbwaiter

I love these old school passageways. I want to take a ride on a dumbwaiter! And lookit that tiny door! Is there a reason both are next to each other?

Exotic Bubbles

As the STEM 3D-printing bubble-wand-creation activity continues to percolate throughout the district, students are learning and discovering new things about the nature and physics of bubbles.

For example, regardless of the shape of the wand: square, circular, triangular, or heart-shaped —

— or even butterfly shaped —

the bubbles will be spherical.

But what about double-bubbles? Or triple bubbles? Or raspberry bubbles?

Students discovered that wands with split or multiple openings create exotic bubbles.

Also, bubbles can be stretched between two different wands, as long as there is plenty of bubble juice on each wand.


Audio Chamber, or Something Sinister?

Secreted away in a room upstairs…solid metal construction…soundproof.

A punishment chamber, sensory deprivation Orgone box, or audio testing space? You decide!

Did it Now?

Something went wrong. Thanks for stating the obvious, Microsoft, and then providing all sorts of helpful explanations, in simple-to-understand language.

July 2022