Running Horses, Empty Skies

Canva online graphics tool removes backgrounds from video.

Scrib Robot to Follow Lines


A line-following robot is always exciting, and may serve as an entry point into robotics, especially for younger students, lower-functioning students, or any student, really!

When I first bought OWI Robotics Scrib last year from a third-party vendor, the Scrib robot was broken right out of the box!

The wheels on the robot did not turn, so it could not move. Probably a gear was broken inside. So frustrating. It sat in the closet for a year while I sulked.

Last week I bought a replacement robot and it works! Considering the Ozobot line-following robot costs over $50, the Scrib robot is a way less expensive alternative.

The complete robotics kit comes with a jigsaw puzzle track board that the robot travels across.

Completing the puzzle took me about an hour. It was fun and challenging.

There is also an activity booklet with ideas like having the robot travel across möbius strips. Of course, the robot follows a line drawn on paper, too.

The robot tends to turn to the left when approaching forks in the road, fyi.

LittleBits, in Bins

Look at this meticulous display of LittleBits — electronics components that magnetically snap together to form circuits– organized into bins.

The LittleBits company was just bought by the Sphero robot company, fyi.

Printing iPad Stands for Stop-Motion Animation

Our Makerbot Replicator Z18 was hard at work printing iPad stands for the iPad Movies: Stop-Motion Animation workshop held at the district office. Here you can see four of them mid-print.

Here is an iPad stand supporting a phone. Note how we taped the phone to the stand, and the stand to the table, to minimize jiggling.

Dirty Laundry

Where? The big meeting room on the first floor.

What? Uniform shirt and socks turned inside-out.

Why? _____________________________

December 2022