Currency-esque Symbols is an interesting website I recently discovered that lets users create online interactive — widgets? puzzles? activities? — for students. It is super easy and has a clean interface. There are many other websites that do the same thing of course, but this one feels good to use.

Anywho, more interestingly is the types of alphanumeric symbols that users are allowed to enter as text (e.g., like “dingbats” or emojis).

For example, compare the currency symbols with the MacOS symbols

There are 25 symbols and 39 MacOS symbols. I recognize, like, four of them: dollars, cents, bitcoin?, British pound maybe? What are all the others? Mostly Asian currency I suspect…

But why be left in the dark?¬†What I like about the Mac’s Show Emojis and Symbols symbol thing is that all the names of the symbols are actually given on the right column.

So, from left to right, here are the names of all the currencies in the MacOS list:

dollar, euro, yen, cent, pound, ruble, rupee, won;

Thai baht (not bitcoin!), Turkish lira, tugrik, peso, kip, hryvnia, naira;

Bengali rupee, Gujarati rupee, Tamil rupee, rial, Indian rupee, guarani, new shekel, colon;

dong, Khmer riel, cedi, cruzeiro, tenge, lira, austral, mill;

Euro-currency, French franc, Deutsch pfennig, peseta, drachma, livre tournois, spesmilo.

Ok. Admit that you also have not heard of 95% of those currencies. MacOS, you include the Turkish lira, but what about the Italian lira? Unless that is the lira without a country attached to it. Unless there is no lira anymore, what with euro and what not.

Spesmilo, anyone?


Taxidermy Dream

I love a science lab that has real natural artifacts. This science lab in Chelsea Prep school (33M) was filled with living animals, dead animals, bones, hides and more.

There was also a friendly guinea pig, sitting right there in the middle of everything!

The science room at P33M, Chelsea Prep


Fish Tank with Red Devil Cichlids

Shark jaws, stingray jaws, shark eggs and babies in formaldehyde

Dolphin skeleton

Stuffed turtles

Live turtle

Assorted skulls and antlers

Puffer fish

Stuffed alligator

Live bearded dragon lizard

Random reptiles and larvae

Firefox Penitentiary

This image from the Mozilla (i.e., Firefox) jobs website: Can the irony be lost on them? She is literally in a cage and needs vr goggles to escape her misery.

Brave and Vulnerable, Me

Is it me? Or are these bulletin points so platitudinal, so pc, so zhun say kwa?

Comprehensive Injury Report

Well friends, after 29 years in the DOE, a student hit me with intent to injure.

Here are what injury report forms look like in the DOE. There are three parts.

Notice that Parts B and C still refer to the “Department of Education” as the “Board of Education” (a change made in 2002).

Interestingly, in Section 23 Causal Agent, there is no option for “student.” I had to list “99: Other.” Then in Section 24: Causal Agent: Person, the option I had to put is 3: Other Student (as if I were also a student completing this form).

New York City Department of Education Comprehensive Injury Report Part A: Fact Sheet

New York City Board of Education Comprehensive Injury Report Part B: Injury Description

New York City Board of Education Comprehensive Injury Report Part C: Witness Statement

Furry Friend

I saw a four-legged furry rodent run across the lintel of a hall in my office this morning. It was a long mouse or a small rat.

I love pet rats; this was not a pet rat.

This was Olivia, my first.

Here she is eating spag



Stop Motion Scenes from a School

Thank you to Bonnie Glass for taking these photographs of moi, while giving a stop-motion studio workshop to her students.


Geoboard Art

More art with geoboards.


Mathigon and Polypad Explorations

My last period “guinea pig” class tested out a couple of “math as art” programs, using the polypad section on the website.

Pinch me!

These are the assorted snacks, treats, sodas, and sweets offered at the 811Q store!

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