Messy lab

Here is another computer lab. Can you spy the teacher?

Another view, another lab

The view from the computer lab

255Q computer lab

The view from the lab

Certificate of Occupancy

From 1958 comes this Certificate of Occupancy statement. Every school had one posted somewhere.

Notice the different quotas for males versus females in shop classes versus in home economics!

It is amazing to think that for 60 years this particular document has not been touched….


Here are close-ups.

Arty Books

I met an art teacher who showed me some beautiful handmade books she had created. I especailly like the accordian one.


Gray vs Grey

As a follow up my Black and White vs White and Black Google image search comparison, I decided to do a “gray vs grey” Google image search comparison. Here are the results:


Search filters that showed up include:

  • silver
  • titanium
  • pewter
  • aesthetic
  • charcoal
  • metallic;
  • dark; and
  • transparent.

I spy “Whistler’s Mother.”

Compare this to a search for “grey” (the British spelling of the word):

Search filters that showed up include:

  • charcoal
  • shades
  • solid
  • ash
  • metallic
  • aesthetic
  • steel; and
  • medium.

I spy a wolf.

Try this comparison yourself, and tell me what filters you found.

993Q @ 208

View inside a classroom


View inside a classroom

View from the River and on the Ferry

I was leaving a school in Long Island City, Queens, and took the ferry back to my office in Manhattan. As I got closer to the city I zoomed in a bit on this cool skyscraper by the East River.

And what do you think of this view of the New York skyline?

ADL Room

Here are some photos from an Activities for Daily Living classroom in Long Island City, Queens. There are centers for copying papers, shelving groceries, making change, and doing laundry.

Check out the computer closet too.

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