Recycling pens and markers

A 721K teacher and his students showed me how tissue boxes can be designed, all pretty-like.

When a class has a magic marker or pen that is dried out, they go into the tissue boxes.

When the boxes are full, they are sent to terracycle for recycling.

Piano, updated

I found one more school piano. It was painted and sitting in the lobby of a school. An homage to shellfish?

Motorbike Madness

I think I almost went a bit insane when I saw this in the district office.

Here is a miserable video

Paint roller drippy paint thing rainbow bulletin board!

A display of student cave art. Take it or leave it. But the bulletin board setting is amazing. I like how this teacher did the dripping paint thing at the bottom, and the paint roller thing at the top is pretty terrific too.

Autumn Agamograph

You look at these one way and you see one picture; look at them the other way and you see another picture. Pretty tricksy!

All it takes is folding the paper into accordian pleats and then drawing on half; then bending the cleats the other way and drawing on that portion. Here is a recipe to make your own.

Smart Board? Bulletin Board!

It appears to be a Smart Board… but look again! It is a bulletin board!


The Cricket in Times Square, adapted

The Cricket in Times Square was a good novel, with some dated vocabulary, unfortunately. Here is an adapted bulletin board.

Classroom Library

I am starting a new feature about classroom libraries. This is the premier posting.

I think my favorite genre is Young Adult fiction. Which of these titles, if any, have you read?


I am Incredible

Two bulletin boards of positivity.

Musical Instruments

Two excellent instruments in the computer lab: xylophone and autoharp (referred to by its manufacturer as a “chromaharp”)

Here is a view of the mallots (hammers?). Wrapped in yarn?!

And here is the label. It is made in France.

The autoharps is very cool too. From the outside, it looks like a I-don’t-know-what.

From the inside, it starts to look interesting….,

And when it is out of the case, it is best.

The documentation has instructions on how to tune the instrument, as well as a sampling of songs to learn and play.

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