There are only a bajillion software developers and editors who work for Microsoft and all of them missed this!


Look closer:


Yes, it does read:

“Change the wy text wraps around the selected object”


This bug appears in MS Word for Mac 2011 documents, when saving files in compatibillity mode (i.e., .doc file types, not .docx).


You’re welcome.


Two random sightings in one day.

#1 Stuyvesant High School cafeteria

This sounded bad.


#2 Woodhull Street, Brooklyn

The one on the street sounded real nice.

Yeah, I walked it.

My choice for this year’s NYCDOE STEM Institute was on water engineering in NYC. We talked aquaducts, reservoirs, pipes, etc. The highlight was a trip to the Highbridge aquaduct that connects 173rd Street in Manhattan over the East River to the Bronx. The birdge scared the tar out of me when I drove underneath on the Harlem River drive.

Word Coding

In this activity, students use N(orth), S(outh), E(ast) and W(est) arrows to spell words off a letter grid.

For example, “JUMP” is E, E, E, S.















In this example, “ABOVE” is S, S, E, S, E















After doing several examples, give students a code (e.g., S, S, E, S, E) and let them figure out what word it spells!

Remember to specify the starting box (which is typically the upper left-most cell — like in a spreadsheet)

And all the rest of these ~some words

tiresome – me, now

meddlesome- those kids from Scooby doo

lissome – see lithesome

fearsome – scary, as in, “my, what fearsome teeth you have, granny.”

adventuresome – Jake and Finn, duh.

mettlesome – full of mettle (as in “good spirits”)

blithesome – breezy indifference

awesome – that which induces awe, such as a 30′ wave and me on the longboard

bunglesome – (this is a good one) always messing up

lithesome – see lissome

lightsome – the daring young man on the flying trapeze

wearisome – writing this list

darksome – the love-child of tall+dark+handsome


Full of beans.


When something is irksome it is SO ANNOYING. It irks me.irksome

Zzzapped Out

Before augmented reality. Before virtual reality. Back in the day when software came on CD-ROMs in binders, the Edmark company released several science titles. Unlike their software marketed to younger children (e.g., with cartoons and talking animals), these titles were sophisticated simulations. I discovered a classroom set of “virtual labs: electricity” (note the ‘laid-back’ lower case title on the cover of the binder).

The program needed 16 MB of RAM to run and Netscape 3.0. ~ sigh ~ The salad days of the Internet.

Say What?

I spied these three signs outside the door of a class of hearing-impaired/deaf students. Brilliant graphic design.

Animation Studio with Unlikely Name

I joined a class on a field trip to 100 Chickens animation studio in Brooklyn, NY. We met with several different members of the studio, including founder Jennifer Oxley, a music engineer, a writer, an animator, and a managing supervisor. Several students had the opportunity to record inside their slick sound booth, reading a script for characters of an upcoming TV show. An animator showed us how to draw Emily Elizabeth from Clifford the Big Red Dog, which the studio is creating as a new animated show for Scholastic. The studio won Emmy awards for their PBS television show Peg and Cat.


All in all? It was so cool! Best field trip ever!

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