TinkerCad Guitar Sketch

Here, a student draws on then Scribble Tool in TinkerCAD to sketch the outline of a guitar body. He will create a cookie cutter design, which teacher will print out using the Makerbot Sketch printer, for rock-and-roll-flavored cookies!


3D Printing and TinkerCAD at 79M

Enjoy the 3D printing lessons and products from 79M

Bubble Wands at 811Q

I brought the 3Doodler printing pens and the plastic filament; the students brought their imaginations and bubble-blowing skills!

The activity started with a demonstration of how the pens work, including how to feed the filament in, how to charge the pens, how to turn them on and off, and how to start and stop the extrusion.

Next, I drew a small rectangle on a piece of paper, to use as a template to trace over with the pen. The melted plastic sticks nicely to the paper, and cools in a couple of seconds, so it can be easily peeled off.

It was the students’ turn. They drew shapes on paper, chose three favorite colors of filament, turned on their pens, and pressed the orange button! The trick to getting the plastic to stay true to a design is to press the end of the pen right onto the paper.

Some students got the gist of it right away and started working on their bubble wands.

Other students designed their favorite characters…Sonic anyone?

The students made a variety of wands, some from their imaginations and some from screen shots of wand designs that I had printed from off the internet. 3Doodler has some great 2D and 3D bubble wand ideas.

Here are wands the students made:

The last step was to go outside to the school yard and test them out. I am happy to report that there was 100% success rate for the bubble wands. We used Five Below bubble solution ($1.00 for a big bottle!) and the kids had so much fun!

Thank you Bonnie Glass for these photographs.


SketchUp Takes Over?

My intention is to introduce a class to architecture. To that end, I took a second look at SketchUp, the one-time Google-owned modeling program, that now is owned by Trimble. It has been years since I played with SketchUp, at least ever since TinkerCad came around. But still, there may be some architecture-specific things with SketchUp, so maybe I will let the kids have a poke.

The online version is free, with a Google or Microsoft account. Standard right? Well, look at what SketchUp wants with my Google Drive access:

Scary right? So I clicked the little “i” in a circle to get more information…which scared me even more:

Am I overreacting? Is this standard Google permission?

3D Printed Cards for DD

We visited a shop that made concept and object indicators out of cardboard (plus whatever the actual object was). These clever cards can be used as prompts, as labels for storage bins, for the visually impaired, for the developmentally disabled, etc.

It would be cool to 3D print them, although they would have to be hand-painted afterwards.

3D Hmmm?

I cannot quite figure out what this is a model of, but I love the look of it. Maybe a student used an iPad. Does anyone regognize the app?

June 2023