Value of Art

This display shows the value of art:  value as in instrinsic worth of a drawing, and value as in amount of shading in a drawing.

Sad Fred

Something about this portrait of Fred Flinstone makes me thoughtful. What can he be thinking about?

Scary Mask

This student made this mask.

Student-Made Monsters

At the district-wide arts festival, a student showcased his creations. Each is made 100% from aluminum foil and nothing else. For those who do not remember, King Giggdora (also spelled Ghidorah) is the three-headed monster that battles Godzilla for dominion over Tokyo). See Mothra? The other models are different dinosaur designs

Paint roller drippy paint thing rainbow bulletin board!

A display of student cave art. Take it or leave it. But the bulletin board setting is amazing. I like how this teacher did the dripping paint thing at the bottom, and the paint roller thing at the top is pretty terrific too.

Autumn Agamograph

You look at these one way and you see one picture; look at them the other way and you see another picture. Pretty tricksy!

All it takes is folding the paper into accordian pleats and then drawing on half; then bending the cleats the other way and drawing on that portion. Here is a recipe to make your own.

Krazy ‘Katecture at the MOMA

A recent math and art workshop brought me to Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art. There I had the opportunity to see many models made with mind-melting minutia. The maker? Mr. Bodys Isek Kingelez.

Paint Cubes

Pour your acrylic paint into an ice tray with a popsicle stick in the middle. Freeze. Remove and paint. This is as cool as it sounds (no pun intended).

Arty Books

I met an art teacher who showed me some beautiful handmade books she had created. I especailly like the accordian one.


Gray vs Grey

As a follow up my Black and White vs White and Black Google image search comparison, I decided to do a “gray vs grey” Google image search comparison. Here are the results:


Search filters that showed up include:

  • silver
  • titanium
  • pewter
  • aesthetic
  • charcoal
  • metallic;
  • dark; and
  • transparent.

I spy “Whistler’s Mother.”

Compare this to a search for “grey” (the British spelling of the word):

Search filters that showed up include:

  • charcoal
  • shades
  • solid
  • ash
  • metallic
  • aesthetic
  • steel; and
  • medium.

I spy a wolf.

Try this comparison yourself, and tell me what filters you found.

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