Musical Instruments

Two excellent instruments in the computer lab: xylophone and autoharp (referred to by its manufacturer as a “chromaharp”)

Here is a view of the mallots (hammers?). Wrapped in yarn?!

And here is the label. It is made in France.

The autoharps is very cool too. From the outside, it looks like a I-don’t-know-what.

From the inside, it starts to look interesting….,

And when it is out of the case, it is best.

The documentation has instructions on how to tune the instrument, as well as a sampling of songs to learn and play.

Another view, another lab

The view from the computer lab


View inside a classroom

Some Honor

It is common to find that certain enormous high schools have been subdivided into several smaller ones, all housed within the same building. At one such site in the Bronx, I saw these Track and Field awards for a competition that had been held at the University of Pennsylvania. If you zoom in, you can see that these relay runners are completely nekkid, and they seem to be coming up to say hello to Ben Franklin. I know that during the ancient Greek Olympics the athletes were naked, but during the American Revolution too?

Bathrooms for Special Ed

In 2016, at 176X at Truman high school, I saw these bathroom signs: “Boys Bathroom Special Ed” and “Girls Bathroom Special Ed.” Hmm, segregation much? I alerted a staff member who alerted the custodian.

The signs have since been removed. The real questions is, how come no one else who saw these signs –including the students using the bathrooms — thought it was wrong (and possibly illegal)? How could these signs be up for so long and no one said a thing?


December 2021