App bulletin board

In a computer lab, on a bulletin board.

Have you used any of these apps?

Miss You, Erna

Erna’s computer lab, when she worked there. She was one of the few remaining teachers to still use Intellitools Classroom Suite software with the students.

255q at 154

373K Computer Lab Upstairs

373k – computer lab

Classroom at 373K

373k – tiffany ortiz

Word Coding

In this activity, students use N(orth), S(outh), E(ast) and W(est) arrows to spell words off a letter grid.

For example, “JUMP” is E, E, E, S.


In this example, “ABOVE” is S, S, E, S, E


After doing several examples, give students a code (e.g., S, S, E, S, E) and let them figure out what word it spells!

Remember to specify the starting box (which is typically the upper left-most cell — like in a spreadsheet)

Zzzapped Out

Before augmented reality. Before virtual reality. Back in the day when software came on CD-ROMs in binders, the Edmark company released several science titles. Unlike their software marketed to younger children (e.g., with cartoons and talking animals), these titles were sophisticated simulations. I discovered a classroom set of “virtual labs: electricity” (note the ‘laid-back’ lower case title on the cover of the binder).

The program needed 16 MB of RAM to run and Netscape 3.0. ~ sigh ~ The salad days of the Internet.

Messy lab

Here is another computer lab. Can you spy the teacher?

Another view, another lab

The view from the computer lab

Sanford and Son?

You be the judge!


Maker Space at 811Q

Teacher Mark T in his machine workshop at 811Q

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