The Cricket in Times Square, adapted

The Cricket in Times Square was a good novel, with some dated vocabulary, unfortunately. Here is an adapted bulletin board.


I like words, really like them, especially the unusual ones that seldom find their way into conversation, but may be found on better writers’ pages everywhere. To me, nothing is more enjoyable than reading a novel and copying down the words I do not know, so I can look them up later. That is how I discovered raillery, soi-disant, and badinage.

Anywho, here is a little website, the author of which defines interesting words. I am not sure why this dictionary is damned.


Library, part I

I visited a school with a library (which is the exception, not the rule…the library, that is, not my visitation. I peruse school libraries if I see them). In the bookcase closest to the door was this collection of Chicken Soup for the… books. Maybe there was a sale by the publisher?

Poem, by DDD

Dear darling daughter Isabelle wrote this poem (whether for a class or no, I don’t know). What grade do you think she is in?


I went to the School Tech Summit yesterday. The keynote speaker is in charge of all the Maker Faires (part steampunk, part circus, part garage workshop) that have been cropping up all over the world. Anyway, he spent the entire hour talking about makerspaces, and making, and make this make that. Etc.

So I thought of other places, that will now be called spaces:

  • tinkerspace
  • thinkerspace
  • learnerspace
  • creatorspace
  • inventorspace
  • gadgetspace
  • widgetspace
  • hackerspace
  • coderspace
  • gamerspace
  • playerspace
  • planterspace
  • craftyspace
  • handyspace
  • doerspace (“doo-er”)
  • diyerspace (“dee-eye-wire”)
  • bakerspace
  • make-and-takerspace
  • give-and-takerspace



May 2021