Long time?

Or short? The negative confuses me.

Stickies at Work

This is what computer processing actually looks like

Mac Stickies Arranging by Content (alphabetically)

Letter-Like Symbols

This is the second part in my series on things that look like letters, but are not quite letters. I am not talking about post cards. I am talking about letters of the alphabet.

MacOS has a short list of letterlike symbols, and wordwall.net has a larger list, which is alphabetical. (Or would be, if every element in their list was actually a letter, which is not the case.)

Which begs the question about why Apple curated their collection down to just 26 symbols and wordwall.net accepted everything, including non-English language letters which do not look like English letters.

MacOS Letterlike Symbols


MacOS Letterlike Symbols descriptions

Wordwall.net has alphabetized their letterlike symbols, which is kind of fun.

Wordwall.net letterlike symbols

What can you find in the wordwall.net symbols? I see a Hebrew alef, bet, gimmel and dalet, as well as a Greek sigma and pi.

Is that an upside-down ampersand?!

New Macintosh Craziness

I have never seen this Mac message before. It happened during some forced quits during an operating system installation. SO WEIRD! Google does NOT have this in its database!

Have you ever seen this before?

And It’s ‘Highbridge.mov’ by a Nose

Recently tried to empty too many files at once. It was very exciting to see which “horse” would win.

Preview Weird but True!

I opened a pdf file using Preview, and copied the highlighted text, to view the hyperlink in a browser.

This is what appeared in the browser!

The link pasted normally when when I opened the file in Adobe Acrobat.

Has this ever happened yo you? Maybe something about how the text was weirdly highlighting is a hint…

Classy Computer?

I knew that Apple products had class, and some have textures, but nano-texture class? That is taking it to a whole new level.


There are only a bajillion software developers and editors who work for Microsoft and all of them missed this!


Look closer:


Yes, it does read:

“Change the wy text wraps around the selected object”


This bug appears in MS Word for Mac 2011 documents, when saving files in compatibillity mode (i.e., .doc file types, not .docx).


You’re welcome.

Password Generator Generates Delight

I had never seen this before…the Mac’s built-in random password assistant!

There are all sorts of options for both short and long words, and some of the results are hilarious. Notice that both “fizz” and “quiff” have the number 23 after them. Hmmmm….

You can find the password assistant by going to

System Preferences…


Security & Privacy

Change Password…

Password Assistant (the Key icon)

Once there, choose your password type.

Memorable ones are easier to remember, obvs. Unless you choose a Length of 31-characters. Obvs.

I appreciate a password that includes references to taxidermy.

March 2023