Pigeon or Vulture?

On the way home. Something definitely not right.

Orange Shirts, Cloudy Skies, V-Formation

Almost the entire district 75 staff met to oversee the 5th annual STEM Fair, this year held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

Here is a view of Manhattan from the flight deck. That one skyscraper in the background is much too high for anyone’s good.

Here is a view of the D75 staff wearing orange shirts, standing in V-formation, not unlike a flock of geese, or, more appropriately, a squadron of 1942 TBM-3E Avengers.

Do not duplicate

I was looking through some curriculum materials in a classroom, and had to share my findings. If you look at the bottom right corner of the page, there is a “Reproduction Prohibited” notice. However, the pages I was viewing were photocopies! Someone had purposely disregarded the “do not copy” prohibition. Guilty guilty guilty!

Meta, this blog post duplicates the photocopy, which duplicated the original. So am I guilty as well?

Here is the close-up


The school I visited had their first STEM club meeting on Friday. I hung around to get some ideas. Okay, I admit I stayed to play with the metal marble drop toy.

Wheelchair Lift on 3rd Floor

I was at a school in Manhattan that had a 3rd floor auditorium. Near the stage was a wheelchair lift, for hoisting wheelchair users up to the stage. It was probably installed to satisfy accessibility mandates. Ironically, there are no elevators in the building, so it is highly unlikely that anyone using a wheelchair will make it up to the 3rd floor.

The wheelchair lift — which probably cost a mint to purchase and install — is filled with garbage and detritus….

View from the River and on the Ferry

I was leaving a school in Long Island City, Queens, and took the ferry back to my office in Manhattan. As I got closer to the city I zoomed in a bit on this cool skyscraper by the East River.

And what do you think of this view of the New York skyline?

Protect the Queen

On my way to a Middle School After School (MSAS) publishing party last week I saw a van being swarmed by bees. Someone said the queen bee was inside. Wonder what happened to the driver?

Enormous Elevator

I have seen smaller studios.



Subway Special

On the way to a school I saw these trains parked at the 2nd Avenue Subway station.

Pup in Boots

I saw this dog walking down the streets in some kickin’ Ferragamos!

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