I went to the School Tech Summit yesterday. The keynote speaker is in charge of all the Maker Faires (part steampunk, part circus, part garage workshop) that have been cropping up all over the world. Anyway, he spent the entire hour talking about makerspaces, and making, and make this make that. Etc.

So I thought of other places, that will now be called spaces:

  • tinkerspace
  • thinkerspace
  • learnerspace
  • creatorspace
  • inventorspace
  • gadgetspace
  • widgetspace
  • hackerspace
  • coderspace
  • gamerspace
  • playerspace
  • planterspace
  • craftyspace
  • handyspace
  • doerspace (“doo-er”)
  • diyerspace (“dee-eye-wire”)
  • bakerspace
  • make-and-takerspace
  • give-and-takerspace



Video Game Mashup

Another mashup idea: harvest video from video games to use in an original iMovie. Grabbing video, music soundtrack, anything, and making a movie. It does not need a plot necessarily, although a cherent theme probably makes a better narrative. A non-narrative movie a la Bruce Weber (?) could also work.  The Machinima movie genre is like this.

Musical Mashups

I developed this idea from I watching so many students spending their computer lab time accessing music sites. I have seen kids listening to rap songs from,,, and so on. There is probably a new one a week. Anyway, the idea is to have students take samples of songs and import them into Garageband to make a Musical Mashup. The result needed be a great sounding song or even make sense. (I am thinking of beatnick poetry -type mashups along the lines of of the cut-up poetry of William Burroughs.) It would demonstrate the ability of students to harvest content (not always an easy task), to evaluate lyrics and song melodies and choose, and to recombine all the elements into a New Thing.

March 2023