Instruments in the Hall

If an instrument rests in the hallway and there is no one around, does it make music?

Check, Check, Webex

If you remember from the Check Check 1,2,3 post, different online meetings have different audio tests (obvs).

Here is the one for Webex, which I started using this week during an Apple Learning Coach meeting.




These guys rocked the DO! Click the image for the video!

Check Check 1, 2, 3 Check

Have you joined an online meeting? If you have (and who hasn’t?) you may have noticed the “speaker test” option in the settings.

Here are the sounds you will hear for popular programs. #hauntingmelody

Adobe Connect

Google Meets


What other speaker tests have you heard?

Viper Sharing his Music

So nice of Viper to share with the school community his car’s music selection.

Smart-Art Workshop was a Success

I presented a workshop entitled “Smart-Art,” which is about ways to use the Smart Board (or other interactive white board) for art instruction of special education students. I put special focus on teaching autistic students, as well as students that were confined to wheelchairs and/or couldn’t hold a pencil or brush.

View and download the Agenda.

Send me a comment if you want to view the Notebook files.

You can listen to my original Chrome MusicLab Song Maker experiment here or a pentatonic version here

Piano, updated

I found one more school piano. It was painted and sitting in the lobby of a school. An homage to shellfish?

Musical Instruments

Two excellent instruments in the computer lab: xylophone and autoharp (referred to by its manufacturer as a “chromaharp”)

Here is a view of the mallots (hammers?). Wrapped in yarn?!

And here is the label. It is made in France.

The autoharps is very cool too. From the outside, it looks like a I-don’t-know-what.

From the inside, it starts to look interesting….,

And when it is out of the case, it is best.

The documentation has instructions on how to tune the instrument, as well as a sampling of songs to learn and play.


Two random sightings in one day.

#1 Stuyvesant High School cafeteria

This sounded bad.


#2 Woodhull Street, Brooklyn

The one on the street sounded real nice.

March 2023