Wood signs for PT

The physical therapist uses carpentry as therapy. Reusing old wood, creating stencils, transfering to paper, then to masking tape on the boards, then cutting out, then painting, etc. Students work with the PT. Definitely marketable.

Beatles songs as signs!

Food book!

I love pictures, especially when they are slick renderings of food, especially exotic food. Wiley, my man, you have done it. The cover is so gorgeous.

The inside page, not so much.

The book was on a shelf in a room that hadn’t been used in years. The book was sitting there, wasting away. Sigh.

Blue Screen

Who says you must use a green screen to make movie magic? This teacher used blue bulletin board paper hung from a wire across the room.

This was good for headshots and above-the-waist action.

Debate Championship Trophy Case

I visited a school that displayed their debate championship trophies in a case.

I am trying to figure out what the contributors list on the side of the cabinet is in recogniton of…

993Q @ 208

View inside a classroom

View from the River and on the Ferry

I was leaving a school in Long Island City, Queens, and took the ferry back to my office in Manhattan. As I got closer to the city I zoomed in a bit on this cool skyscraper by the East River.

And what do you think of this view of the New York skyline?

ADL Room

Here are some photos from an Activities for Daily Living classroom in Long Island City, Queens. There are centers for copying papers, shelving groceries, making change, and doing laundry.

Check out the computer closet too.

Kos-Kee-OOO-Sko Down!

The Kosciuszko Bridge (pronounced by some as “kos-kee-OOO-sko,” and by others as “kah-SHUS-ko”) connects Brooklyn with Queens. It is miserable. And now it is dead, having been replaced by a newer bridge to the side of it. The City imploded the bridge.

I passed through there last week. The traffic was so slow that I could take these photographs of the sections of the old hulk that was the Kosciuszko.

Maker Space at 811Q

Teacher Mark T in his machine workshop at 811Q

Classroom Panorama



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