Food book!

I love pictures, especially when they are slick renderings of food, especially exotic food. Wiley, my man, you have done it. The cover is so gorgeous.

The inside page, not so much.

The book was on a shelf in a room that hadn’t been used in years. The book was sitting there, wasting away. Sigh.

Blue Screen

Who says you must use a green screen to make movie magic? This teacher used blue bulletin board paper hung from a wire across the room.

This was good for headshots and above-the-waist action.

Debate Championship Trophy Case

I visited a school that displayed their debate championship trophies in a case.

I am trying to figure out what the contributors list on the side of the cabinet is in recogniton of…

Classroom Library

I am starting a new feature about classroom libraries. This is the premier posting.

I think my favorite genre is Young Adult fiction. Which of these titles, if any, have you read?


I am Incredible

Two bulletin boards of positivity.

I will collect the stones, build an empire, and CRUSH MY ENEMIES!


By scooter, subway , bus, and scooter….I made it to 23Q main site.
I mostly worked with the tech people and got my brain twisted by some mac server unix coding. Della is WAY above me!
Later, we talked blogging in the classroom and I got inspired to make a daily work blog.

March 2023