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373K Computer Lab


373K Panorama

373k – computer lab

373K Computer Lab Upstairs

373k – computer lab

Classroom at 373K

373k – tiffany ortiz

Library, part III

When I was a kid, library books had holders in the inside back cover. When you went to borrow the book, the librarian would date-stamp a slip of paper with the date the book was due, and then put that paper in the holder. With the advent of computers and barcode scanners, this is outdated technology. The same goes for card catalogs, those huge file cabinets with drawers filled with cards with information about books. Believe me, it took real skill to navigate the card catalog to find the book you were looking for. With the advent of searchable computer databases, card catalogs no longer exist.

So why is it that new library books still have them? Weird!








Messy lab

Here is another computer lab. Can you spy the teacher?

Go Talk Art



This art teacher used voice output devices to announce the color or body part.

Missing Girl, Found

At a high school today, an autistic, selective mute girl was missing for over two hours. Searches were conducted throughout the building.

At one point while I was talking to a teacher in a classroom, I heard shouting in the hallway outside. The girl’s mother had come to the school and was screaming hysterically for her daughter, where was her daughter, someone help her find her daughter. School administrators took her to the nurse’s room for comfort and support.

I am ashamed to write that I saw the woman and did not know what to do to help,  and so went back inside the classroom. It was so horrible. My heart is so heavy with thinking about the panic and horror of what the girl’s mom was going through. Recounting the story makes me want to cry. Incredibly, the teachers and students in the school were able to carry on despite the fear and despair, and I even managed to get some coaching in too.

While driving around,  searching the neighborhood, the AP found the girl walking the street nearby, safe and unharmed. Mother and daughter were reunited. Can you imagine the tears?

Snow Day? Not!

A skeleton crew made it to 373K. I showed folk how to use their new smart boards.

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