Flat Panel Calder?

A teacher from 721K (or was it 721Q?) demonstrated how to use a flat panel interactive white board to make some lovely Calder-esque art!

Lines of Art

Scary Mask

This student made this mask.

Recycling pens and markers

A 721K teacher and his students showed me how tissue boxes can be designed, all pretty-like.

When a class has a magic marker or pen that is dried out, they go into the tissue boxes.

When the boxes are full, they are sent to terracycle for recycling.

Healthy Growth in School

I discovered a colony of mold (?) growing on the faucet in the men’s room. This could be a marvelous science project for budding mycologists. You can see the reflection of my phone in the top photo.

Here is a close-up of the spores. So juicy.

Sketch on Smart

I was at 721K and a teacher demonstrated how to sketch on her new flat-panel Smart Board. She is herself a brilliant artist and watching her was hypnotic.

Sketch on Smart

Puppet Pals

Several students worked with me to create little movies using Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass software. It is one of my all-time favorite iPad apps. In video 1 a student and I voiced super hero characters about to jump into the sky; the characters were made completely of pipe cleaners (the student is a master of the pipe cleaner medium). In other videos, the characters are cut-out pieces of paper with scribbles of vegetables on them (the students did the scribbling). In video 5, I voiced a Victorian British curator who lives in the Underground; he has artists describe their work.

  Puppet Pal 721K 1

Puppet Pal 721K 2

Puppet Pal 721K 3

Puppet Pal 721K 4

Puppet Pal 721K 5

721K and 3D

The 3D printing program at 721K creates objects and adaptiations to help the students drink cavity-causing soda, and then squeeze the tooth paste roll to brush their teeth after!

Classroom Panorama

There is a lot going on in this classroom.

Cass Room

Click to see it inside.


One of my friends at 721K is host to a variety of classroom animals. She let me hold her pet pig. Guinea pig. SOOO-eee!



March 2023