Uniqlo and District 75

The global Uniqlo clothing store has a SoHo branch (which is also the HQ for North American operations). They hired a dozen students from 751M to be interns Here are scenes from the clothing, I mean, closing event.

[Full disclosure: I was college roommates with Jean-Emmanuel Shein — the executive from Uniqlo who runs the internship program — and introduced him to Ewa Asterita, the principal of 751M, so I like to think that without me, the Uniqlo socks would not have gotten sorted in the correct light-to-dark order]

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Piano Lift

This piano is in the auditorium, right next to the stage. Which is a pretty logical place for it to be, when you think about it. Music, stage, theater, etc.

piano by lift

Behind it is a wheelchair lift, the kind designed to get wheelchair-bound students from the seating area up onto the stage. Which is also a pretty Americans-with-Disabilities-Act kind of thing, too.

Yet here is the rub: the auditorium is on the third floor of the school and there are NO ELEVATORS in the school.

So how is a wheelchair user even going to make it to the third-floor auditorium?!?

That is why the piano is blocking the lift, which is never used and was probably part of the stipulations for getting an auditorum built in the first place.

Student-Made Monsters

At the district-wide arts festival, a student showcased his creations. Each is made 100% from aluminum foil and nothing else. For those who do not remember, King Giggdora (also spelled Ghidorah) is the three-headed monster that battles Godzilla for dominion over Tokyo). See Mothra? The other models are different dinosaur designs

Wheelchair Lift on 3rd Floor

I was at a school in Manhattan that had a 3rd floor auditorium. Near the stage was a wheelchair lift, for hoisting wheelchair users up to the stage. It was probably installed to satisfy accessibility mandates. Ironically, there are no elevators in the building, so it is highly unlikely that anyone using a wheelchair will make it up to the 3rd floor.

The wheelchair lift — which probably cost a mint to purchase and install — is filled with garbage and detritus….

Comic Life

I worked with a class doing Comic Life and made a Start Trek page. I love it.Aboard the Enterprise


I spent the day with some staff members here. One needed help with her email, one did not know what cutting and pasting is. I suspect that it is like adults who can’t read: you fake it for so long that every one assumes you CAN read. I think that he felt embarassed that he did not know how to do simple things, but also relieved that I was calm and patient with him.

June 2023