Value of Art

This display shows the value of art:  value as in instrinsic worth of a drawing, and value as in amount of shading in a drawing.

Smart Board? Bulletin Board!

It appears to be a Smart Board… but look again! It is a bulletin board!


The Cricket in Times Square, adapted

The Cricket in Times Square was a good novel, with some dated vocabulary, unfortunately. Here is an adapted bulletin board.

Go Math Didn’t Add Up

Many schools use Go Math for their math instruction.

it is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishers.

I turned to a random page in a Go Math student workbook.

Question 28 states that 36 people are going camping for Max’s family reunion. They need to sleep in cabin tents (which hold ten people) and vista tents (which hold eight people). The student must determine the exact number of tents that the campers will need. If a student needs more help, they can use their ipad or phone to scan the QR code, which directs the student to an online video of “Math on the Spot with Professor Burger,” who helps explain how to solve the problem.

Here is a still shot from the video.

According to Professor Burger, there are only 34 people camping at the reunion. Two people are missing!

Bad math bro!

All I can think about is that two children must have wandered off into the woods, and instead of the adults sending a search party right away, they all want to get a good night’s sleep in their cabin and vista tents.

993Q @ 208

View inside a classroom

Kos-Kee-OOO-Sko Down!

The Kosciuszko Bridge (pronounced by some as “kos-kee-OOO-sko,” and by others as “kah-SHUS-ko”) connects Brooklyn with Queens. It is miserable. And now it is dead, having been replaced by a newer bridge to the side of it. The City imploded the bridge.

I passed through there last week. The traffic was so slow that I could take these photographs of the sections of the old hulk that was the Kosciuszko.

June 2023