Fourteen Years Later…

Old School Smarts

Ol’ line-up-and-orient, step-into-your-shadow smart board: teacher still making it work!

Flat Panel Calder?

A teacher from 721K (or was it 721Q?) demonstrated how to use a flat panel interactive white board to make some lovely Calder-esque art!

Lines of Art

Smart-Art Workshop was a Success

I presented a workshop entitled “Smart-Art,” which is about ways to use the Smart Board (or other interactive white board) for art instruction of special education students. I put special focus on teaching autistic students, as well as students that were confined to wheelchairs and/or couldn’t hold a pencil or brush.

View and download the Agenda.

Send me a comment if you want to view the Notebook files.

You can listen to my original Chrome MusicLab Song Maker experiment here or a pentatonic version here

Smart Board? Bulletin Board!

It appears to be a Smart Board… but look again! It is a bulletin board!


Smart Board Refresher

A Cool Glass of Smart Board Refresher

A Tall Glass of Smart Board Refresher

Many teachers have interactive white boards in their classrooms. I gave a workshop in May 2017 called Smart Board Referesher. We covered how to add pdf files so you can use “digital ink” on them; how to use infiinte cloner for spelling games; how to make words appear and disappear using animation properties; and how to add different kinds of sounds, including activity timers and invisible sounds.

Download a copy of the agenda if you want.

As a treat, I gave away a folder of fun, end-of-year Notebook files. Download that here.


Sketch on Smart

I was at 721K and a teacher demonstrated how to sketch on her new flat-panel Smart Board. She is herself a brilliant artist and watching her was hypnotic.

Sketch on Smart

811K Thanksgiving

Teacher Matt G engages his students in a discussion of favorite Thanksgiving eats. He uses Intellitools Classroom Suite software with matching student hand-outs.

Where to Stand

Cutouts of where to stand when using the smart board.


March 2023