Printing iPad Stands for Stop-Motion Animation

Our Makerbot Replicator Z18 was hard at work printing iPad stands for the iPad Movies: Stop-Motion Animation workshop held at the district office. Here you can see four of them mid-print.

Here is an iPad stand supporting a phone. Note how we taped the phone to the stand, and the stand to the table, to minimize jiggling.

Brave and Vulnerable, Me

Is it me? Or are these bulletin points so platitudinal, so pc, so zhun say kwa?

But What Do You REALLY Think?

Perhaps she had a bad night’s sleep? Perhaps the coffee spilled this morning all over the keyboard? Maybe the deep baritone of my voice just brought out the honesty for once?

For whatever reason, here are two participants’ opinions about my workshop Nearpod vs Peardeck Round 2: This Time It’s Personal.

Caution: Mean words and bad language ahead.


Smart-Art Workshop was a Success

I presented a workshop entitled “Smart-Art,” which is about ways to use the Smart Board (or other interactive white board) for art instruction of special education students. I put special focus on teaching autistic students, as well as students that were confined to wheelchairs and/or couldn’t hold a pencil or brush.

View and download the Agenda.

Send me a comment if you want to view the Notebook files.

You can listen to my original Chrome MusicLab Song Maker experiment here or a pentatonic version here

Green Screen Amanda

Coworker Amanda is a green screen movie star. Here is the finished short

And here is the same movie, with the thin, gauzy veneer of reality torn asunder:

Stop Motion Movie Madness

Well, not so much madness. But a couple good shorts from the IPad movies workshop I gave last month.

Here is one. We used Lego minifigs.

here is another

Have you made these ever?

so much fun

Superhero! Workshop

I gave a superhero workshop and it was just swell!


Introduction to the Super Hero

Entry Points for Struggling Learners:

  1. American Zeitgeist, or welcome to the United States of Superhero media: movies, comics, cosplay, breakfast cereal, television, etc.
  2. Greek (and Roman, and Norse) Mythology: Hercules, Thor, need I say more? (P.S. We love the Olympian books by George O’Connor)
  3. American Folk Tales. ‘Member Paul Bunyan?

 Personal Connections to Super Heroes

  • SuperYou Videos
  • Pre-Planning Sheets and British Council Content

Create a Super Hero using Special Software

1) Style-a-Hero software


2) Hero Machine software 

3) Other hero machines


Follow Up Activities

  • Trading Cards
  • Puppet Shows
  • iPad Movies


I gave everyone a copy of Puppet Pals Director’s Cut iPad App, as well as a cd of handoputs, software, examples, etc., some of which are below:


Smart Board Refresher

A Cool Glass of Smart Board Refresher

A Tall Glass of Smart Board Refresher

Many teachers have interactive white boards in their classrooms. I gave a workshop in May 2017 called Smart Board Referesher. We covered how to add pdf files so you can use “digital ink” on them; how to use infiinte cloner for spelling games; how to make words appear and disappear using animation properties; and how to add different kinds of sounds, including activity timers and invisible sounds.

Download a copy of the agenda if you want.

As a treat, I gave away a folder of fun, end-of-year Notebook files. Download that here.


Adapted Books Workshop

I am back in Sheepshead Bay today, giving a workshop on creating adapted books using PowerPoint and/or Boardmaker.
I am having a good day seeing my old friends at 811K.

June 2023