Teaching in the 36K Computer Lab, part 1

I was at 36K for a total of nine days (eight days at the main site where I actually taught in the computer lab). This series of blog posts will describe the actual way I taught each class. I taught 34 classes in total over the eight days.

This is not the only way to teach in a computer lab, obviously. My focus was on robotics and coding. Other teachers focus on using PowerPoint or good digital citizenship.

Part 1, Introducing myself to students.

  • I met the students outside in the hallway, as they lined up against the wall adjacent to my room
  • I informed them that they would be sitting around the table in the center of the room; additional students would sit around the perimeter tables, chairs facing outward
  • Kids entered the room, some jostling for seats, but not bad..Asked the para for optimal placements
  • I introduced myself and showed my ID card. The fun thing about my ID card is that it is on a retractable wire, so it pulls down and back up again. I challenge the kids to catch it if they have fast hands. Some kids were “too cool” to play the game, but most tried to catch the card.

To be continued…

February 2023