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Orange Shirts, Cloudy Skies, V-Formation

Almost the entire district 75 staff met to oversee the 5th annual STEM Fair, this year held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

Here is a view of Manhattan from the flight deck. That one skyscraper in the background is much too high for anyone’s good.

Here is a view of the D75 staff wearing orange shirts, standing in V-formation, not unlike a flock of geese, or, more appropriately, a squadron of 1942 TBM-3E Avengers.


The school I visited had their first STEM club meeting on Friday. I hung around to get some ideas. Okay, I admit I stayed to play with the metal marble drop toy.

Yeah, I walked it.

My choice for this year’s NYCDOE STEM Institute was on water engineering in NYC. We talked aquaducts, reservoirs, pipes, etc. The highlight was a trip to the Highbridge aquaduct that connects 173rd Street in Manhattan over the East River to the Bronx. The birdge scared the tar out of me when I drove underneath on the Harlem River drive.

STEM at Stuy

I just got back from a 3-day STEM institute at the new Stuyvesant high school (yes, I know it has been in Battery Park City for 20 years already). It ran from August 8-10. Hundreds of others attended, there were dozens of workshop offerings, and even the chancellor herself was there. The keynote speaker was none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson of Hayden Planetarium fame. Clearly a lot of time and hard work went into pulling it off. In fact, my workshop, “We Are having Molecules for Dinner” was superb (more on that later).

My point is, there were so many coordinators and administrators putting together this event, so why did no one catch this mistake on the agenda?

September 2021