Orange Shirts, Cloudy Skies, V-Formation

Almost the entire district 75 staff met to oversee the 5th annual STEM Fair, this year held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

Here is a view of Manhattan from the flight deck. That one skyscraper in the background is much too high for anyone’s good.

Here is a view of the D75 staff wearing orange shirts, standing in V-formation, not unlike a flock of geese, or, more appropriately, a squadron of 1942 TBM-3E Avengers.

Another Math Movie

Here is another math movies, made using Stop Motion Studio Pro app.

Math Movies, stop motion-style

Students made these stop motion videos using Stop Motion Studio Pro app. I approve!

County Fair Time

I love a county fair, especially when it is right next door to a school. Check out this fair on the grounds of the Queens County Farm Museum, right next door to 224Q.

Popcorn and Sno Cones?! Pinch me!


At Queens County Farm Museum, which is next door to 224Q, there is a flock of chicken.

This is their story.

Chicken Movie on Vimeo

Check out the chicken at the 53 second mark. I do believe it is giving me stink eye.


Next to a 224Q school in Queens there is a working farm (Queens County Farm Museum). I stopped by the other day and took some photographs of the lifestock. That is the school in the background.

There were cows, horses, ponies(?), pigs and chickens. Wht do you think about the chickens in the tree? Pretty disturbing….

App bulletin board

In a computer lab, on a bulletin board.

Have you used any of these apps?

Value of Art

This display shows the value of art:  value as in instrinsic worth of a drawing, and value as in amount of shading in a drawing.

Sad Fred

Something about this portrait of Fred Flinstone makes me thoughtful. What can he be thinking about?

Scary Mask

This student made this mask.

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