No Place Like “Ommm”

The sound cleared my chakras.

It was insanely loud…rock concert loud.

The video is not half as loud as it was in reality.

Soap Box Derby

Identifying and matching hardware. Each paper and hardware goes in to a clear plastic bag, taped shut, ready for the next student to use.

Machine Lab All Day Long

I spent the day in a machine-technology lab in Queens. This is a 360-degree view. Joy!

Invisible Dots

When using Microsoft Word, I like to reveal the invisibles, you know, see the behind-the-scenes formatting on the page. I recently discovered some mysterious items that I cannot figure out.

When  working on a table, I found these invisible dots in the table cells.

Do you have any idea what they are for? They are not placeholders for text, as they are still there even when text is entered into the cell.

Food book!

I love pictures, especially when they are slick renderings of food, especially exotic food. Wiley, my man, you have done it. The cover is so gorgeous.

The inside page, not so much.

The book was on a shelf in a room that hadn’t been used in years. The book was sitting there, wasting away. Sigh.

Blue Screen

Who says you must use a green screen to make movie magic? This teacher used blue bulletin board paper hung from a wire across the room.

This was good for headshots and above-the-waist action.

Green Screen Amanda

Coworker Amanda is a green screen movie star. Here is the finished short

And here is the same movie, with the thin, gauzy veneer of reality torn asunder:

Stop Motion Movie Madness

Well, not so much madness. But a couple good shorts from the IPad movies workshop I gave last month.

Here is one. We used Lego minifigs.

here is another

Have you made these ever?


So much shredding. I want to pile it up and jump in.

Of course, we can always pull an “Argo” to see what secrets are within.

Do not duplicate

I was looking through some curriculum materials in a classroom, and had to share my findings. If you look at the bottom right corner of the page, there is a “Reproduction Prohibited” notice. However, the pages I was viewing were photocopies! Someone had purposely disregarded the “do not copy” prohibition. Guilty guilty guilty!

Meta, this blog post duplicates the photocopy, which duplicated the original. So am I guilty as well?

Here is the close-up

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