One of the pleasant surprises at FETC 2020 was passing by a “STEM Theater” area of the convention floor and seeing a presentation on Telling Stories in Math (or something like that) about to begin. I sat down and listened to a fellow with a slight German accent describe how their are many stories that can be told to keep mathematics interesting. He had a slide deck to accompany the talk.

Little did I know that it was by the Philipp Legner, founder of Mathigon, one of my most favorite online math textbook/resource. And Mathigon is just a side project of his (he works at Google).

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Best buddies!


Sweet, What Ah Got?

souvenirs, writings and gifts?

stuff we all get?

FETC Conference, part 3

I attended multiple workshops presented by Eric Curts, who showed many ways to use Google Sheets. I realized that there is a generational gap between MS Excel users and Google Sheets users…in fact, any microsoft software and google software maybe.

Anyway, here are some snaps

FETC Conference, part 2

Last month I went to the Future of Education Technology Conference (or is it Florida Educational Technolgy Conference?) in Miami Beach.

The show floor had many vendors and organizations represented. And lunch.





FETC Conference

Last week I was in Miami Beach!




Oh yeah, there was also a conference.

Tangram or Pattern Blocks. I forget which.

Here are designs from the Math Learning Center App “Pattern Shapes.” What do YOU see in these images? There is a prize for the most original answer.


If there is a millipede and a centipede, shouldn’t there be a decipede? And how would you measure it?

I’ll tell you how: using this R316-30 metric ruler that has decimeters!

Thank you, Wescott, for fulfilling my dream of using a decimeter stick.

No Gym, but a Condo Library

This library is located down from the main lobby. Finally a building that has its priorities straight.

Old, and then Some

From upstate New York, from Cooperstown, this one-room schoolhouse with a library of  books. So cool.

old books

A closer look shows that the titles include both School District Library, School Library, and random other publishers.

Sample list of titles

  • History of Philosophy (vol 1, no 174)
  • History of insects (vol 2, no 7)
  • Ancient and Modern Egypt (no 34)
  • James’s Chivalry and the Crusades (no 26)
  • Barrow’s Life of Peter the Great (no 35)
  • Russells’ Life 0f Cromwell (vol 1, no 56)

Can you decipher other titles?

So Many Fish in the Sea

A recent visit to the local Barnes and Noble was almost as good as a trip to the pet store. On the Young Adult table were no less than four books with goldfish on the cover.

  • Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt;
  • Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper;
  • Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan; and
  • The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm

I read the last two and liked Counting by 7s the most.

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