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Exotic Bubbles

As the STEM 3D-printing bubble-wand-creation activity continues to percolate throughout the district, students are learning and discovering new things about the nature and physics of bubbles.

For example, regardless of the shape of the wand: square, circular, triangular, or heart-shaped —

— or even butterfly shaped —

the bubbles will be spherical.

But what about double-bubbles? Or triple bubbles? Or raspberry bubbles?

Students discovered that wands with split or multiple openings create exotic bubbles.

Also, bubbles can be stretched between two different wands, as long as there is plenty of bubble juice on each wand.


Beginner Wands and Next Level

The students of 771K at 236 in Mill Basin Brooklyn enjoyed using the 3Doodler to make bubble wands. One student made all four on the beginner’s sheet:

Then the class teacher took her turn: she made a next-level pony wand!

Bubbles in a Row

All lined up, and floating on air.

Great Idea for February 14

Bubble wand in the shape of a heart!

More Than One Wand

To make a wand, or to not make a wand…

771k Makes Wands

Colorful bubble wands, handcrafted by students.

I Wonder…

Word is getting around and the wands are starting to wander! (No? You think of a better ‘wand’ pun then.)

Here are some photographs of 277Q at 311 students creating 3D printed plastic bubble wands. The templates helped.

Have Pens, Will Travel

I took my “pen and plastics” show on the road, this time to my alma mater, as it were, my “COVID-deployment” school. I am referring to 396K, where I taught science to developmentally-disabled k-4 graders — in person, during the “everyone-else-stayed-at-home” COVID year of 2020-2021.

I was welcomed with open arms and good wishes by the staff and students I knew from the previous year.

Here are students making bubble wands and more.

Wand Designs

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