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373K Computer Lab


373K Panorama

373k – computer lab

Classroom at 373K

373k – tiffany ortiz

Library, part III

When I was a kid, library books had holders in the inside back cover. When you went to borrow the book, the librarian would date-stamp a slip of paper with the date the book was due, and then put that paper in the holder. With the advent of computers and barcode scanners, this is outdated technology. The same goes for card catalogs, those huge file cabinets with drawers filled with cards with information about books. Believe me, it took real skill to navigate the card catalog to find the book you were looking for. With the advent of searchable computer databases, card catalogs no longer exist.

So why is it that new library books still have them? Weird!








Messy lab

Here is another computer lab. Can you spy the teacher?

Water Under the G

I took the G train to 373K today. Down on the tracks, running between the rails as it has done for at least a year, possibly forever, is a little river of water. It is surreal. I have spoken to the token clerk about this and he had no idea when the rupture/leak/water main break — or whatever is causing this ongoing stream — is going to be repaired. Think of the scene in the Japanese movie Sprited Away, when the train tracks are underwater…that is what it reminds me of.

Water on Tracks (scene from "Spirited Away")

Water on Tracks (scene from "Spirited Away")

June 2023