Piano in Hallway

A piano hiding at the end of the hallway, music unheard.

Instruments in the Hall

If an instrument rests in the hallway and there is no one around, does it make music?

Fancy Piano

I saw this today. It came with its own donation label and piece of ribbon from the installation ceremony.

Here is the view from the front.

This is the label on the bench. Are you familiar with any of these organizations?


Piano Lift

This piano is in the auditorium, right next to the stage. Which is a pretty logical place for it to be, when you think about it. Music, stage, theater, etc.

piano by lift

Behind it is a wheelchair lift, the kind designed to get wheelchair-bound students from the seating area up onto the stage. Which is also a pretty Americans-with-Disabilities-Act kind of thing, too.

Yet here is the rub: the auditorium is on the third floor of the school and there are NO ELEVATORS in the school.

So how is a wheelchair user even going to make it to the third-floor auditorium?!?

That is why the piano is blocking the lift, which is never used and was probably part of the stipulations for getting an auditorum built in the first place.

Piano, updated

I found one more school piano. It was painted and sitting in the lobby of a school. An homage to shellfish?


Two random sightings in one day.

#1 Stuyvesant High School cafeteria

This sounded bad.


#2 Woodhull Street, Brooklyn

The one on the street sounded real nice.

March 2023