iPads and green screens

A group of students planned to record themselves singing and dancing along to a movie video. Each students would then would then use that footage and the Green Screen by Do Ink app to digitally add themselves to the movie video. This is what the setup looked like:

3D Hmmm?

I cannot quite figure out what this is a model of, but I love the look of it. Maybe a student used an iPad. Does anyone regognize the app?

Puppet Pals

Several students worked with me to create little movies using Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass software. It is one of my all-time favorite iPad apps. In video 1 a student and I voiced super hero characters about to jump into the sky; the characters were made completely of pipe cleaners (the student is a master of the pipe cleaner medium). In other videos, the characters are cut-out pieces of paper with scribbles of vegetables on them (the students did the scribbling). In video 5, I voiced a Victorian British curator who lives in the Underground; he has artists describe their work.

  Puppet Pal 721K 1

Puppet Pal 721K 2

Puppet Pal 721K 3

Puppet Pal 721K 4

Puppet Pal 721K 5

6 Word Stories

As a spin on the Six-Word Memoir, we created Six-Word Stories. Students write six words that describe a photograph. The words can be a proper sentence or not; they can be funny, academic, thoughtful, etc. We used the Skitch app on the iPad to write the sentence. Here are two samples:


I was at a school last week and a teacher is using iPads in her alternate assessment classroom. It is very exciting. So far we are only using free apps…can any one out there recommend a non-free app?

i-pad usere

iPad User

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