Scratch Spiral Randomizer!?

This variation to the scratch spiralizer script creates a random spiral.

Instead of putting a whole number in the blue “turn ___  degrees” block on the bottom of the first script,

I added a green Operator block.

In the first oval I added a Sensing block called “timer” and in the second oval I put the number 1. There is a * (multiplication) operation between the numbers.

This is the block I added:

I did not invent this unusual script. I copied it from a scratch discussion board.

Anyway, it TOTALLY randomizes an already awesome animation.

If you understand why it does what it does, please explain it in the comments below.

Scratch Spiralizer with Students

The last period class on Mondays is in many ways my favorite. They are young yet mature. When I want to use a group of students for guinea pigs, they are my go-to’s. We have done chrome music lab, mathigon’s polypad, online robots, code & go mouse robots, scratch jr. (the “unofficial” desktop software version), and now the online version of scratch.

Here is a (speeded-up) sampling of student work on the spiralizer, which is just about the coolest introduction to scratch there is. (click to see video)

Here is the script for spiralizer:

Studio. Code. Scratch. Art.

Put it all together and you get It is part of the whole coding-in-school endeavor. ANYWAYS, I went to the website (thanks for the heads-up, Lionel) and modified some kid’s existing project. The one I worked on was done in Scratch coding, which is this drag-and-drop block coding methodology.

Here is a picture of the code:


When I press a “play” button, the code activates a little guy who draws a picture on the canvas. By changing the number of degrees the guy is supposed to turn (see last line of code), I was able to get some incredible designs.

See for yourself:

Here he is in action:


Try it yourself!


June 2023