After the Test

Students had to take an online ELA test in the computer lab.

After the test, they relaxed with,,, and

Stay to the left?

Usually (in America) we stay to the right when we are driving, walking on the sidewalk, or navigating school hallways.

Things are a bit different in 323.

323 Penitentary Blues

The 396K offsite known as “323” has gates everywhere. Here are the gates by the central staircase.

Stair Way Gate
More Stairway Gates

Do you think this is to keep people in or keep people out?

Let Your Imagination Run Free

More joyful, not-depressing murals from my current base.

Cheerful Sesame Street Paintings to Make Anyone Happy

These bright, cheerful paintings adorn the doors of my temporary (?) redeployment.

The students must have painted them, right?

Pilots over lunch

I took a social distance lunch break to my corner, to watch the fancy pilots do their stuff.


So much shredding. I want to pile it up and jump in.

Of course, we can always pull an “Argo” to see what secrets are within.

Messy lab

Here is another computer lab. Can you spy the teacher?

Certificate of Occupancy

From 1958 comes this Certificate of Occupancy statement. Every school had one posted somewhere.

Notice the different quotas for males versus females in shop classes versus in home economics!

It is amazing to think that for 60 years this particular document has not been touched….


Here are close-ups.

Sanford and Son?

You be the judge!


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