Pigeon or Vulture?

On the way home. Something definitely not right.

Bearded Dragon!

I literally had a nightmare about reptiles eating other reptiles after seeing this beautiful beast.

Running Horses, Empty Skies

Canva online graphics tool removes backgrounds from video.

Dalmatian Painting

This painting of a windy day.

Written or Wrote?

If a baby cat is called a kitten, why isn’t a baby rat called a ritten?

Zebra Finches at School

In the lobby of a school in Chelsea is a flock of zebra finches. A school of birds.

Taxidermy Dream

I love a science lab that has real natural artifacts. This science lab in Chelsea Prep school (33M) was filled with living animals, dead animals, bones, hides and more.

There was also a friendly guinea pig, sitting right there in the middle of everything!

The science room at P33M, Chelsea Prep


Fish Tank with Red Devil Cichlids

Shark jaws, stingray jaws, shark eggs and babies in formaldehyde

Dolphin skeleton

Stuffed turtles

Live turtle

Assorted skulls and antlers

Puffer fish

Stuffed alligator

Live bearded dragon lizard

Random reptiles and larvae

Furry Friend

I saw a four-legged furry rodent run across the lintel of a hall in my office this morning. It was a long mouse or a small rat.

I love pet rats; this was not a pet rat.

This was Olivia, my first.

Here she is eating spag



Ant Farm, Day 1

One Busy Ant is taking the lead in clearing out the tunnel. The other ants are chowing down on a piece of pear. And it was evening and it was morning, day 1.

Butterflies Then, Ants Now

We set up a new Ant Farm (which took about a month to receive). The ants were a little too live coming out of their testtube when I tried to spill them into the farm, so some of them had to be mashed inside… some survivors are missing body parts.

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