Audio Chamber, or Something Sinister?

Secreted away in a room upstairs…solid metal construction…soundproof.

A punishment chamber, sensory deprivation Orgone box, or audio testing space? You decide!


These guys rocked the DO! Click the image for the video!

Furry Friend

I saw a four-legged furry rodent run across the lintel of a hall in my office this morning. It was a long mouse or a small rat.

I love pet rats; this was not a pet rat.

This was Olivia, my first.

Here she is eating spag



Staples, Staples, Staples…

The Office Supply superstore needs to slow down and check the spelling…

I Know It’s Legal, but…

Busy, busy corner of 23rd street and 1st avenue in Manhattan…down the block from the VA hospital and down the other block from Bellevue hospital.

It should come as no surprise that some choose to self-medicate…

Froot by the Loop

I am officially back in the office!

Froot Loops!

After a year of teaching science in-person to autistic students at P396K, I have returned to being a District 75 traveling technology coach (hence the URL).

And the district provided breakfast for its prodigal children!

And no “Welcome Back to the Office” is complete without Froot Loops!

And there was no bowl or milk to be had.

This One Goes to 11

The District 75 Office has secret floors that the elevator does not go to and that nobody knows about, except for the privileged few (i.e, custodial staff). They are used for storage. Also access to cool rooftop spaces

I got my first visit to the 9th, 10th and 11th floors about fifteen years after I started working here. Here are photos of the 10th and 11th floors.

Motorbike Madness

I think I almost went a bit insane when I saw this in the district office.

Here is a miserable video

Gray vs Grey

As a follow up my Black and White vs White and Black Google image search comparison, I decided to do a “gray vs grey” Google image search comparison. Here are the results:


Search filters that showed up include:

  • silver
  • titanium
  • pewter
  • aesthetic
  • charcoal
  • metallic;
  • dark; and
  • transparent.

I spy “Whistler’s Mother.”

Compare this to a search for “grey” (the British spelling of the word):

Search filters that showed up include:

  • charcoal
  • shades
  • solid
  • ash
  • metallic
  • aesthetic
  • steel; and
  • medium.

I spy a wolf.

Try this comparison yourself, and tell me what filters you found.

Black and White and Black

I was thinking about Google searches. I searched for “Black and White” and “White and Black.” Look at the different suggestions? filters? that Google adds to the search bar.

“Black and White” image filters:

  • woman
  • baby
  • instagram
  • snapchat
  • trippy
  • photoshoot
  • cityscape
  • reflection
  • etc


“White and Black” image filters

  • abstract
  • love
  • romantic
  • clipart
  • rose
  • radha krishna
  • pattern
  • background
  • etc

There was some overlap in the images, though.

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