Table for one, please.

What a student eats.

Stay to the left?

Usually (in America) we stay to the right when we are driving, walking on the sidewalk, or navigating school hallways.

Things are a bit different in 323.

323 Penitentary Blues

The 396K offsite known as “323” has gates everywhere. Here are the gates by the central staircase.

Stair Way Gate
More Stairway Gates

Do you think this is to keep people in or keep people out?

Viper Sharing his Music

So nice of Viper to share with the school community his car’s music selection.

Let Your Imagination Run Free

More joyful, not-depressing murals from my current base.

Elevator Que Grande

Would you look at the size of this elevator? Would you just look at it?

Cheerful Sesame Street Paintings to Make Anyone Happy

These bright, cheerful paintings adorn the doors of my temporary (?) redeployment.

The students must have painted them, right?

The Road to… 396K

It’s True! I am On the Road to Utopia ummm… 396K. For the duration of my deployment to 396K, I will post all instructional video and content to my new dedicated website:

It is almost betterer than this website!

Classy Computer?

I knew that Apple products had class, and some have textures, but nano-texture class? That is taking it to a whole new level.

New unit of measurement

I just had a brilliant idea for a new unit of measurement: the “covid.” And how big is the covid? You guessed it, six feet long.

“Hey Bob, I just hit a jump shot from two covids away.”

“That is great Mary. Did I tell you my new livingroom is four covids in length?”

Ad nauseum.

1 covid = 6 feet

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April 2021