Elevator Que Grande

Would you look at the size of this elevator? Would you just look at it?

Cheerful Sesame Street Paintings to Make Anyone Happy

These bright, cheerful paintings adorn the doors of my temporary (?) redeployment.

The students must have painted them, right?

The Road to… 396K

It’s True! I am On the Road to Utopia ummm… 396K. For the duration of my deployment to 396K, I will post all instructional video and content to my new dedicated website:


It is almost betterer than this website!

Classy Computer?

I knew that Apple products had class, and some have textures, but nano-texture class? That is taking it to a whole new level.

New unit of measurement

I just had a brilliant idea for a new unit of measurement: the “covid.” And how big is the covid? You guessed it, six feet long.

“Hey Bob, I just hit a jump shot from two covids away.”

“That is great Mary. Did I tell you my new livingroom is four covids in length?”

Ad nauseum.

1 covid = 6 feet

Flat Panel Calder?

A teacher from 721K (or was it 721Q?) demonstrated how to use a flat panel interactive white board to make some lovely Calder-esque art!

Lines of Art

Metric conversion, 2020

By this time, most conversions between metric units (grams, etc) and regular, i.e., American standard, units (ounces, etc) are pretty well established.

So how is it that Trader Joe’s and Urban Meadow’s brands have different conversions?

This can of TJ beans and this can of Urban Meadow Beans have the same serving size (130 grams) yet different cup amounts! TJ converts 130 grams into 3/4 cup, while UM converts 130 grams into 1/2 cup. That is a difference of 50%!

So which is correct? It is not so simple. According to this online-calculator.org, 130 grams equals .55 cups of water, which is very close to the 1/2 cup mark, but only .38 cups of honey and over a cup of flour.

And what about canned beans?

According the the USDA , 1/2 cup of kidney beans is only 117 grams (not 130)

And according to the Bush’s, the venerable baked beans company, 1/2 cup is 130 grams.

What do you think? Have you seen confusion when it comes to bean serving size conversion?

But What Do You REALLY Think?

Perhaps she had a bad night’s sleep? Perhaps the coffee spilled this morning all over the keyboard? Maybe the deep baritone of my voice just brought out the honesty for once?

For whatever reason, here are two participants’ opinions about my workshop Nearpod vs Peardeck Round 2: This Time It’s Personal.

Caution: Mean words and bad language ahead.


Pilots over lunch

I took a social distance lunch break to my corner, to watch the fancy pilots do their stuff.



It finally happened! A PD I was giving this morning — Digital Art, Digital Music for D75 Teachers and Students — was rudely interrupted by a private caller who yelled curses, profanities, expletives, and [additional synonym for cursing here].

Trying to mute and/or eject the “Google Meet-bomber” was like playing the wack-a mole- game…each eject brought him/her back in again.

Finally, a participant in the workshop, who works for DIIT said to shut it down, which we did. It was going so well though…

Workshop is rescheduled for later on in the week!

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