Can they Drive Better than they Spell?

Can you find the mistakes on the DOE parking permit website?

“This application enable principals, APs, teachers, and UFT members to require a parking permit for their school” (sic)

On my websites, I ask a coworker who has “fresh eyes” to review the material before/after I post.



New Year, New Name, Same Me!

And we’re off!

From now on, you may refer to me, Charles Tanenbaum Bender, by my new favorite anagram name: Entranced Herbal Sunbeam!

Thank you anagram maker by Username|Generator.

Piano in Hallway

A piano hiding at the end of the hallway, music unheard.

Ice Maker in Three Languages

Best gadget I have seen in a school kitchen is this ice maker. Check out the weird hollow ice cylinders.

Freeze Pops!!!

The Lucky Rainbow led to the treasure! No, not to a pot of gold in Ireland, lad, but to this ADL room freezer at 94M!

Freeze Pops=Summer

Jewish Board of What?

I saw this sign in the stairway at 188 in Manhattan, which is a co-located building. That means there are several different schools there, including charter schools.

Exactly what is going on in rooms 421C and 421D?

More Little Doors

What lay behind these doors?! They are so little!

I’m Not Afraid Anymore

Now that I have pet fancy rats at home, itty bitty mouse poop does not upset me

Six Essential Nutrients

No Free Lunch, I Mean, Water

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