Barbecued Chicken

This is barbecued chcken thighs, plus vegetables, roll, etc.

What isn’t eaten is thrown away.


Individually wrapped, with a platter of tomato, lettuce, pickle, ketchup, mustard and more. Plus sweet potato in plastic cups and whole oranges.

What isn’t eaten is thrown away.

New Series: School Lunch

I am starting a new series, documenting School Lunches. This is fancy lunch, people, made fresh everyday in the school kitchen, boxed up to look like a big fat TV dinner, and served in the classroom. They come with sides and all the trimmin’s. And yes, the portions for the kindergartens are exactly the same as the portions for high schoolers.



Magneti’ Book is my new Favorite Toy

So simple and so good. Combine magnetic parts of vehicles to match the picture or to create a new wacky ride. The whole thing is in a fake book that can be put on the shelf!

Was this around when we were kids? I have never seen this before. The closest we had was Colorforms, which was too abstract and that vinyl plastic could never be put back correctly. I probably have the last copy of this toy in America: Janod is currently only delivering their toys to France and Belgium.

(And yes, I found this unopened, hidden in the back of a school storage closet.)

Penitentiary Blues, Continued

More gates, inside and out.

Table for one, please.

What a student eats.

Stay to the left?

Usually (in America) we stay to the right when we are driving, walking on the sidewalk, or navigating school hallways.

Things are a bit different in 323.

323 Penitentary Blues

The 396K offsite known as “323” has gates everywhere. Here are the gates by the central staircase.

Stair Way Gate
More Stairway Gates

Do you think this is to keep people in or keep people out?

Viper Sharing his Music

So nice of Viper to share with the school community his car’s music selection.

Let Your Imagination Run Free

More joyful, not-depressing murals from my current base.

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