You Can’t Spell “Virtual” without “Vir(us)”


I saw an online seminar entitled “NYCDOE: Rapid Transition to Online Learning,” which may offer sound guidance during this interesting time of school closure. Best part is that the webinar was developed by “21 Blended Learning Master Practitioners.” I can just picture them now…..

Let’s count: one, two, three, ..twenty two. (Very close for a random Google image I think.)

Stop Motion Movie

Finally, a video that answers the age-old question of whether aliens can keep snakes as pets.

Thank you Christine for sharing this stop-motion video you made with the Stop Motion Studio Pro app during the iPad Movies workshop yesterday.

UFT=Universal Fount of Thoughtfulness

Lest it be said that the UFT was not doing its part to acknowlege the potential transmission of coronavirus among its constituents, representatives came to the district office to HAND-DELIVER the most important part of any self-care regimen: a tiny bar of hand soap.

Who needs Purell when Bergman Kelly is around? I would like to think that our union representatives did not take the easy way out by buying 200 of these sundries online for $43.69 …

…but rather went to the Motel 6 in Elizabeth, NJ and stayed for as many nights as it takes to collect the requisite number of toiletries to keep us all safe.

188X at 301 Computer Lab

188x at 301

A Room, a View, 255Q at 154

255q at 154

373K Computer Lab


811Q Machine, Technology and STEM Shop


373K Panorama

373k – computer lab

36K Classroom


X is the new O

Recently I came across two items from the New York City department of education in which a word is spelled such that the letter X stands in for another vowel.

Example 1:

“Celebrate Latinx Heritage: During Latinx Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) we celebrate the heritage, culture, and contributions of Latinx Americans to the United States.” Note that the DOE wrote Latinx instead of Latino or Latina.

Interestingly, consider the URL for the page — .

I have heard some argue that “Latinx” is best, because it is gender-neutral (as opposed to “Latino” or “Latina).” But then, isn’t “Hispanic” also gender-neutral?


Example 2:

“Womxn’s Call to Action: Join us Saturday, March 14 for fun, NEW hands-on workshops and soul-sustaining talk for educators from Computer Science pioneers. Celebrate womxn in CS with our keynote speaker Dr. Ayanna HowardParticipants will get great resources for their school and hear from speakers focused on building  community, introducing “Modern Figures” in CS and increasing the representation of womxn in CS.” 

And once again, a mixed message: look at the banner at the top of the web page with English-standard spelling:

In both cases the DOE seems to be putting political correctness over spelling correctness.

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